Sorgenfri Senses

​Editorial illustrations on an article series on the senses

Sylvia has been a monthly contributor to Sorgenfri street magazine for years, delivering illustrations for features, covers and columns.

Sylviastolan Lukt045
Sylviastolan Lukt06
Sylviastolan Lukt05
Sylviastolan Sorgenfri06
Sylviastolan Sorgenfri05
Sylviastolan Syn02
Sylviastolan Syn03
Sylviastolan Sjettesans02
Sylviastolan Sjettesans03
Sylviastolan Smak01
Sylviastolan Lukt03
Sylviastolan Syn04
Sylviastolan Sjettesans01
Sylviastolan Hoersel05
Sylviastolan Hud01